How to Get The Life You Want: 3 Simple Steps to Start Now.


Because life is short - and tomorrow isn't promised. Here are 3 simple steps to get the life you want, starting today.


Are you waiting for something to happen before you start achieving the things you want in life? 

Life is short and tomorrow isn’t promised, so why are you in holding mode? 

You can get the life you want, starting now, even if you don’t think you’re ready. 

Here’s how:


Many people believe that the life they want is some remote, unattainable fantasy. 

And this tends to be become a self- fulfilling prophecy for them because they don’t clearly define what they’re working towards. Consequently, they don’t take action and remain stuck in circumstances that leave them unfulfilled.

So if you want to get the life you want, the most important first step is to define and write down your life goals, now. Doing this will allow you to map out a plan and start taking the right steps towards actually achieving them.

If defining your life goals feels overwhelming, a simple way to start is asking yourself the following:

  • What do you want to be?
  • What do you want to do?
  • What do you want to have?

Here are some good examples to help get your juices flowing:

  • Be a successful online business owner.
  • Pay off your debts.
  • Have $_____ of savings in the bank.
  • Travel to ______.
  • Build your dream home.
  • Buy your dream car. 
Helpful hint: If you end up with a very long list of goals and start to feel overwhelmed by them, cull them down to the top 3 most life changing. You can always add the other goals back into your list when you have more time and space to pursue them.


Defining and writing your life goals down is an important first step, but those goals won’t achieve themselves. 

Just as importantly, you need get clear on the steps you need to attain them. 

By breaking down your goals into smaller, actionable steps, you can begin to make meaningful progress.

Don’t know where to start? Here’s what you can do: 

Step 1 – Organize your goals in order of priority.

Look at each goal and ask yourself, “If I could accomplish just one of these goals, which would change my life the most?”.  

When you’ve chosen a goal, put number “one” next to it. Then, repeat the question for the other goals until they’re in a sequential order of priority.

Step 2 – Make a list.

Get 3 pieces of paper, write each of your top 3 goals (as headings) on each sheet, and list down everything you can possibly think of that you’ll have to do to achieve each goal. 

Don’t worry about sequence, priority or how messy it turns out – just dump all your thoughts on paper and write! As you think of more things, add them to your list and don’t stop until you can’t think of any more items.

Step 3 – Cull your list.

At this point, you’ll probably have an overwhelmingly long list of action items for each goal.

Look at every action item under each goal and ask yourself, “If I could only do one thing on this list, which one would actually count?”. Put number “one” next to that action item and repeat the question until they’re in sequential order of priority. 

Then, leave the top 20%* of your action items and cross off the rest of the items after that.

*20% is the magic number, because according to the proven and widely acclaimed 80/20 rule, 80% of your results will come from the first 20% of your activities.

Once you’ve done the above three steps, you’ll have a tangible plan of action that will actually get you to your goal.  




Now let’s turn those goals from dreams to reality – physical, meaningful action.

Step 1 – Pick a date and set a deadline

Step 2 – Schedule your action items

Step 3 – Feel the end result now

 When you’ve got a ‘clear’ slot in your schedule without anything specific allocated to it, it’s easy for people to allow distractions, interruptions and other things that pop up to take priority. The reality for most people, is that if they don’t allocate a specific time to do something, it just doesn’t happen.

When you schedule your action items into your calendar, you’re allocating uninterrupted time to do it. Just like an appointment, a meeting or an event – if it’s in your calendar you’re likely to show up for it.  

Struggling to find time in your calendar? 


4. Do a little each day. A little each day turns into a lot over time. Cutting a few calories each day can result in a lot of weight loss over a year. Adding a piece or two to the wood pile each day is a lot of wood after a year.

    • You can probably reach your dreams without spending eight hours each day on it. Just do something each day.

It’s never too late, or too early to begin living your dream. 

Remember that each second that passes by is a second you’ll never get back. 

There’s not a good reason to wait any longer. 

The time to begin living your dream is right now.


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