Discontented with your life? Great! Here are 4 reasons why discontentment is actually a good thing.


Whether your life needs a major overhaul or just a little bit of tweaking, feeling consciously discontented with any area of your life is exactly what you need to achieve happiness. Here's why.

On the surface, it looks like you’ve got everything you need to be happy. 

You’ve got a great bunch of friends, an amazing partner and family, and if you’re lucky, maybe even an impressive, high paying job. 

Maybe people even tell you things like, “You just seem to have everything together,” or “I wish I was like you.” 

But in truth, you’re not as happy as people think you should be. 

There seems to be something missing, something ‘wrong’… and there are areas in your life that are just not where you want them to be. 

In short, you’re discontented, and you are NOT alone.

About 70% of people say they’re unhappy, unfulfilled and incomplete. 

Life feels boring, meaningless, and completely taken up by endless sacrifices and obligations.

But could this discontentment be a good thing? 

In two words, heck yes.

Here are four reasons why being consciously discontented gives you a great advantage in life.  

1. It Means You're Alive, Aware & Have An Opportunity To Make A Change

You might feel guilty that, even though you have all these great things in your life, you’re just not as happy and grateful as you want to be. 

Why can’t you just be grateful that you can put food on the table, and celebrate the fact you can get a mani-pedi once in a while, or head to a fitness class before work in the mornings?

The truth is that sometimes, the inability to “celebrate life” means that you’re trying to tell yourself something. 

Feeling discontented with life is the first clear sign that you know you deserve more, and that you want to do more — or at least, something different. 

You don’t have to know the specific reason for this discontentment just yet, and you don’t even have to know exactly what it is you want. 

This feeling means that you’re conscious enough to take stock of where you are and where you want to go next. 

This is a critical first step towards the road to a happy life.  

Discontent is the first step in the progress of a man or a nation.


2. Discontent spurs change

There are no two ways about it: it’s incredibly easy to stay “comfortable” — even if that means being unhappy or missing out on something better. 

Change makes us uncomfortable because there are so many unknowns associated with it. 

It’s why so many of us stay do things like eat at the same restaurants on repeat and stay in dead-end jobs we hate.

The unknown can be a scary thing and familiarity makes us feel in control. 

This is why we need a shock to our system — because often, feeling sad, unhappy or held back by where we are in life right now is the only thing that will encourage us to actually say, “Enough is enough. I’m ready for a change.” 

As the old saying goes: “Sometimes, you have to have a breakdown to have a breakthrough.”

3. it makes you re-evaluate what's important

Discontentment also forces you to take stock of what’s truly important to you in life. 

Perhaps you’re beginning to realise that you’ve spent years of your life making somebody else rich, while your goals and dreams have been put on the back-burner.  

Maybe you’re unhappy because you’re spending all of your time at a job you hate, when what you really want is to spend more time with your kids. 

Perhaps you’ve come to realise that life is short and that you want your time on this planet to count. 

Maybe what you thought you wanted when you were younger and what you actually want now are two completely different things. 

This is your opportunity to re-evaluate your priorities from an honest perspective. Take it. 


About 900 million people say that they feel completely unfulfilled in their current line of work. 

When you’re feeling unfulfilled and “stuck” in your career and/or your personal life, you’re much more likely to seek out new opportunities — ones you may not have considered before. 

For example, maybe this time of inner questioning has made you realise that you’re over your current job, and are finally ready to start your own business.

You’ll finally have the chance to be your own boss, and to work towards your own goals as opposed to someone else’s. 

You’ll have something you can be proud of, share with friends, and have complete creative and professional control over.

Plus, it’s an opportunity that only grows with time and experience. 

You likely never would have found ways to happiness or have thought about how to improve your life without experiencing discontent with life. 

If you were happy, would you have actually booked that trip to Thailand to get away from it all? Would you have said “yes” to that date with a guy that actually turned out to be great? Would you have allowed your kids to bend the rules or try out a new activity?

No — because moments of unhappiness or “blocks” force us to try new things to get around them. 


Of course, feeling discontented with life is no picnic — at least, not at first.  

Eventually, though, you’ll come to a place where you can no longer lie to yourself. 

More importantly, you’ll be ready to start something new, to begin asking for more, to understand how to use your talents, passion, and skills to get more out of your personal and professional life. 

Whether it’s starting your own online business, instilling date nights with your husband, or even just taking a risk you never thought you would, a better future starring you and what you really want is possible. 

How will you use discontentment to fuel your dreams? 

Let us know in the comments, or share this post with someone who might be feeling the same way. 


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